Back in the Desert again

Josh and I would spend hours and hours in the Utah desert, looking for bugs, lizards, snakes, horny toads, scorpions and sandpuppies. Basically, we looked for anything that lived. During the family reunion, I wanted to give Parker the same experience I had as a kid. Josh took us out.

Josh's two older boys with Parker and me.

We found this snake under a big rock. Josh and I had to pick up the rock to catch the thing. As usual, Josh was the one to actually catch it.

Josh with the kids. My little, bigger brother.

We caught a scorpion later. We put it in a container that Carrie's mother gave us and we played with it for two days before letting it go.

The video is of the boys driving really fast down the dirt road, on the way to the main road. On the way up, the kids were laughing hysterically. On the way back, however, Parker was not having fun. I thought he was just being grumpy, but he was really sick to his stomach. When we finally stopped, I hurried him out of the car and he threw his guts up. Poor guy. The video is hilarious though.

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