Hiking at the Bonneville Dam

We were headed toward a lake. I think it was called Fern Lake up the Columbia River Gorge, near the Bonneville dam. If we would have started out earlier, we would have made it to the lake. We had to turn back because it was getting dark. It was pretty cool hiking with the kids in the dark forest. Probably not very smart with just me and the kids alone, but we had pepper spray and a flashing flash light to blind wild animals.

OK, I'm fooling myself into thinking that it would deter a bear, but it's better than nothing. Carrie misplaced my 900kV stungun so I had to improvise.
Parker took the above picture and did a really good job. I kept telling him to not cut off our heads. Most of the trail was very dense forest, but my essential oil bug repellent kept the bugs off us. I did not even get one bite. AWESOME!!!

The following video is hilarious. I had a hard time keeping from laughing while Parker was talking. He was so cute and wanted to make a video telling mom how much he loved her. Sweet!  Elise had another idea:)

Here's another rare picture of Me, with Henry. I say rare, because I shoot 90% of the pictures and videos.

All the kids wanted to get on this rock off the trail, even little Henry.  Take a picture of us, they begged. OK


  1. Looks like fun.... I miss out on all the fun stuff. That was really cute.

  2. Rum, looks like you guys had a great time! We all loved the video of Parker (and Elise;). Bryant wanted to watch it several times. Can't wait to see you guys soon!