One definition of Patriotism: Devotion to one's own country and concern for its defense.

This has always intrigued me and usually annoys me. When people talk about loving their country what do they mean? Do they mean they like their country more than other countries?

What does loving their country mean? I personally have never been to New York city and if I say I love my county does that mean I love New York City? What if I go there and I don't like it? Does it mean I don't love my country any more. What if I tour all the states and I only like 35 of them? If some people learn that I do not like the federal government, will they think I hate my country? If some people think I hate my country will they think I'm a terrorist?

Some people probably think that since I do not agree with our wars and military ventures, that I am unpatriotic. I think our soldiers lives are used to gain ground financially for some banker rather than protecting my freedom. How many mothers of soldiers would be angry at my thoughts? I don't want to hurt any mother's pride so maybe I should keep my mouth shut. Maybe I should just make it look like I'm OK with the USA starting wars and causing the deaths of civilian lives of some foreign country that I have never visited. Maybe not!

I wonder if anyone would be offended if I limited my patriotism to where I live, to my neighbors and family. Maybe a better idea is to be loyal to loving people, rather than places, or where those people live. Yeah, that sounds like a better option.

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