Danger of Divine Reasoning

Many people talk a lot about faith and trusting feelings and such. I've come to the conclusion that when evidence is lacking or contradictory to belief, these people's answer to the dilemma is faith or as I like to call it, divine reasoning. People have and will always justify anything with divine reasoning.

For example:
If something doesn't make sense, the divine reasoning is "God has not revealed his plan yet." or, "His ways are not our ways" or, "We will understand it eventually"
If a piece of evidence contradicts something in the scriptures, then it was put there to test our faith.
If a person with divine authority, commands us to do something that contradicts our morals, like killing children then we are justified in doing it because 'god commanded it'. A good example of this is when the ancient Israelites were commanded to kill every living person of some land of their 'enemies'.
If the gospels contradict each other, the divine reasoning is, "those discrepancies were put there to teach us a lesson"

If you believe in God, then let your own judgment guide you and not someone who claims to have heard it from the big guy himself. We have brains. Let's use them.

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