Jones at night.

This is the Jones' nightly ritual which occurs about 9 out of 10 nights, for the past two years or so. When Carrie and I go to sleep, we keep the door closed so our cat, Psych, won't enter and annoy us.

Between midnight and 3pm, Henry wakes up and comes into bed with us. At the same time, the cat comes in the open door and makes a racket of meowing and scratching.

At this point, I get up and let or make the cat outside to play. He usually wants to go outside, but he can stay in only if he's quiet. Then I usually go to the couch and fall back asleep because Henry is a bed hog.

Carrie sometimes complains that I get to sleep a Henry-free night. I always suggest, however, that she can take the couch and I will sleep with the dragon. She should not complain because she always chooses the dragon.

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