Sun-Centered model

Nice vid which explains the purpose of this post.

Trying to paint a picture of how a voluntary society would look. Just like any game, a society needs rules.


1. If any individual or group of individuals initiate force against other individuals, that individual or group shall make restitution. Another way of saying it is forced participation is forbidden.

Beyond rule#1, it gets kind of fuzzy because usually to start an organization, you need to force people to obey the rules. But rule#1 forbids coercion. What other rules can we set that won't violate rule#1?

Question #1: How is rule#1 enforced?
Answer#1: People band together to enforce rule#1. It's up to people to protect themselves. How is this done? Well, it's up to the individuals involved. What would I do?
That's the answer, what would I do?
What would other individuals do?

Another question: What's to stop a group of individuals from joining and initiating force against others?
Answer: It's up to the individual to decide how to protect himself.
What would I do?
What would others do? If I agreed with what others were doing, I'd follow them. If they agreed with what I was doing, they would follow me.

For several months, I've been trying to think of all the rules for a libertarian society so that it can mimic our current society, but just better. While writing this post, that is ridiculous because current society is riddled with so many flaws that to mimic it is going backward.

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