On Facebook, many people post links to articles that they've read on the internet and I've been a sucker and followed them. After a while, I started seeing patterns for what I like and what I despise.

Like: websites with minimal advertising
Despise: sites with more advertising than content

Websites of Less BS
  • thirdworldtraveler.com/
  • disinfo.com/ - seems objective
    • disinfo.com/2016/08/wtf-ritual-sacrifice-theater-cern-perception-mimesis-hazing-rituals/
  • anonews.co
  • subvertednation.net/
  • shatteringthematrix.com/
  • anonhq.com
  • ralphrene.com 
  • thule.org
  • nasamoonhoax.com/the-space-travel-hoaxes-1959-2015
    • email the writer about SSI
    • could be a shill, but the website is full of content, not ads

Junk Websites
  • usatwentyfour.com/
  • beforeitsnews.com/
  • wakingtimes.com/
  • lightsinthedark.com/ moon landings article: technique = counter straw man arguments
  • herebeanswers.com - more straw man arguments

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