Recent Jonesisms

Some things the kids have done recently that should be recorded.

Claire - started rock climbing with me. We took our Belay certification class at 'The Source', a place in downtown Vancouver WA, on Sunday morning October 4th.

Elise - came rock climbing with us, Monday October 5 and liked it. On the way home, we stopped at Fred Meyer in Vancouver and acquired some groceries and ate ice cream in the car. Claire took a picture of me and Elise in the front seat.

Parker - would rather hang out with a cute girl during recess...takes after his dad.

Henry - he just recently started saying the following words correctly, but used to say them like.
  • Gigantic - Ji-Antic
  • Sandwich - Sangwich
He also loves to wear costumes and act the part. In the following, he's totally serious about being Batman.

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