Gillette Lake

I took Parker and Elise to North Bonneville trailhead to start our hike for our camp Gillette lake. It was about a 2.5 mile hike and I had my doubts that we would make it. We started with Simon and Monika Spykerman who walked the 1st mile with us.

After we separated from the Spykerman's, Parker and Elise were fine for the next 0.5 miles then the last mile, Parker cried almost the whole way and Elise was not happy about how hard it was and how much her ankle hurt. I wore a heavy backpack with the tent and all our food and other supplies. The kids only had backpacks with sleeping bags and a water bottle, but I had to alternately help carry their packs.
Parker was almost hysterical and complained about everything. I hate the forest, I hate this trail, you're so mean for making us come on this hike. You never said we had to hike. I hate this tree, this rock...

Twenty minutes before arriving, they couldn't take it anymore.

When we finally found a campsite at the lake, the kids instantly recovered and helped setup and make a fire. They loved the fire and both got poker sticks to play with. They lit them on fire and waved them around in the air. I had to tell them a million times not to through flaming sparks through the air and hit people.

We ate tinfoil dinners and then roasted a whole bag of marshmallows. I spent a lot of time getting firewood to feed the fire. They loved the tinfoil dinners (steak, potatoes, carrots) and of course the marshmallows. When it got dark, I stayed outside the tent and watched for people. We were alone, but saw a light that could have been close, but also far. We never heard or saw anyone after dark and only 1 lone woman hiker right after arriving. The lake was pretty and very small, located at the bottom of a deep bowl and a single stream running into it. I forgot the fishing pole, but it worked better without it.
That was the longest night of the last couple years. I turned over every thirty minutes or so and stayed awake until 04:30 then slept until 06:00, then got up and built the fire. I boiled some water and we had oatmeal.

After getting ready to hike out, they found leaves they wanted to wear for hats. Elise's lasted for about five minutes, but Parker kept his for about thirty minutes. I neglected to tell them how ridiculous they looked.

On the way back, the kids and I were extremely tired, but did not cry or complain...Success!

After getting back, we went to IKEA and had hot dogs then to Jamba Juice for fruit smoothies. I hope Parker and Elise are tougher now after their hard experience on the trail. It was so weird camping all alone with two small children and no other human around for miles. Every noise at night and imagined noise scared me. I've seen too many zombie movies lately. Next time I'm taking another adult.

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  1. Count me in next time. You're a great dad.