Sacred Songs

I consider the following list of songs to have special significance. To be included in my 'sacred' list, they must evoke an intense emotional and personal response. A brief description of how their effect on me will be included, eventually. A part of the lyrics, if any might also be included.

The songs are in no particular order.
  • Greenpeace by James
    • This song has several different characters singing 
      • the Earth lamenting all the horrible things being done with her
      • a lazy man who doesn't like what is being done to the Earth, but he makes no effort to make it any better
      •  a man who only sees the Earth and how it can profit him. 
        • Gonna test my bombs wherever I want, 
        • Gonna poon the whale 
        • Gonna drain the swamp 
        • It's money to me
  • Keyboard Milk by Royksopp
  • Coconut by Fever Ray
  • The Alcoholic by Royksopp
    • One of the music video's looked to be set in Norway or Sweden by the seashore. It just made me think of being somewhere far away and looking our across the water and how there was nothing out there beyond the waves. Royksopp performed a longer version on some radio station, 
  • Chains by The Wolfgang Press
  • Whispering Wind by Moby
  • Tomorrow by Ladytron
Just wanted to start this, the rest will follow and with more details...

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