A trick and a question

The question

While driving back from the movies, Claire asked if it was possible for someone to only off water for the rest of their lives. I said of course it was not possible. After thinking about it, I said that I was wrong and it was entirely possible.

The trick

While driving back from the movies, I noticed that Parker was pretending to be asleep so I started whispering to Claire, very loudly. At the next stop, I would pretend to be at home and tell Parker to get out of the car and we would pretend to get out of the car as well.

I stopped at the round-about and pretended to trick him. Elise yelled out, "don't listen to him Parker. He's trying to trick you."

Parker said with a smile, "Dad, I was only partially asleep and heard everything you said." They both thought they were very clever.

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