Just watched an amazing scary movie called "Case 39". There was something about this movie that really caught my interest. Maybe it was because the main character was so much like my oldest daughter, or maybe because she did such a good job acting. That always impresses me. Besides, I love a really scary and freaky horror film, but they are hard to find. Sure there was a little blood in this one, but it wasn't the scary part. The movie did a good job at letting my imagination freak me out. The little girl, Jodelle Ferland did an awesome job and made the movie as good as it was. Renee Zellweger was awesome too. She's always annoyed me, except for this movie.

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  1. There were two awesome scenes:
    1. The little girl was being questioned by the therapist and she started being very rude. At one point, the therapist said he was sorry if he offended her. Here's the quote:
    Douglas J. Ames: Everybody has fears... now, what scares you?
    Lillith Sullivan: Me.
    Douglas J. Ames: You scare yourself?
    Lillith Sullivan: Sometimes.
    Douglas J. Ames: Why? What about yourself scares you?
    Lillith Sullivan: I have bad thoughts.
    Douglas J. Ames: About what?
    Lillith Sullivan: People.
    Douglas J. Ames: People in general or... certain people?
    Lillith Sullivan: Certain people.
    Douglas J. Ames: Like who?
    Lillith Sullivan: You.
    Douglas J. Ames: You have bad thoughts about me? Why?
    Lillith Sullivan: I just do.
    Douglas J. Ames: Did I do something or say something that upset you?
    Lillith Sullivan: It's just... the way you are.
    Douglas J. Ames: How am I?
    Lillith Sullivan: Facile.
    Douglas J. Ames: Facile? Pfff... do you even know what that means?
    Lillith Sullivan: Easily comprehended, often lacking sincerity or depth. You're smug to... want me to tell you what that means?
    Douglas J. Ames: Uhm, If I... seem smug or facile, I want...
    Lillith Sullivan: Don't apologize.
    Douglas J. Ames: Why not?
    Lillith Sullivan: You're a grown-up... it's embarrassing.

    2. Renee's character was hiding under the bed and the little girl, Jodelle, got down on her knees and said something like the following.
    "Do I need to come get you?"
    "No, no, it's OK."
    "Here I come, you silly little pumpkinhead."