Near death experiences

I just checked out a book from the Library about near death experiences. A doctor compiled the stories of many different children. Of course the first one was of a little girl they found at the bottom of a pool, apparently drowned. Miraculously, the doctor was able to bring her back to life. After a few days she told her story.

Like most NDE's she saw a light at the end of a tunnel. And at the end of the tunnel, she saw 'The heavenly father' with Jesus. I was excited about this book because it appeared to be written from a scientific or medical perspective. However, it was written in a sappy 'bible tale, feel good book' to make christians feel good about themselves. This first little girl turned out to be a Mormon, but the doctor tried downplaying it by saying she wasn't very religious and that her story was probably not influenced by the stories she had always been told. I should have read some more experiences, but I was sure that if a Buddhist child would see Buddha at the end of the tunnel. A Muslim would see Muhammad at the end of the light and so forth.

My search continues for studies of an actual scientific viewpoint, where the subjects are unbiased and unduly influenced by brainwashing. Most of the books in the libraries are either religious or psychic. I found a couple online that I want to read, but no libraries around here have them. So far, I haven't read any NDE's that cannot be explained as regular dreams.

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