First Recital

My girls went to their first piano recital last night. It was awesome to see them play in front of other people. Elise went first and had the biggest smile on her face. She loves being in the spotlight. Her posture on the piano bench was so cute to watch. It was perfect and her feet did not even touch the ground.

Claire was very proud of herself. She handled herself very nicely in front of others even though she was a little nervous. She was the only person to memorize her 2 pieces, even though they were very easy. She's only been playing for a few months and progressing fine. I'm excited to see them develop this talent. I think they will do very well.

Part of it all was just nice to be out to see them live their lives. Elise, of course, couldn't stay still long, so that was not as fun. Claire was perfectly behaved.

The picture has nothing to do with anything really. It reminds me of the peaceful childhood I never had.

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